Students Take BEYOND into Our Community

Age isn’t a factor when it comes to pursuing a full life in Jesus Christ.

All of our groups and environments embrace this mission, from our children’s ministries all the way to our senior citizens. With this sense of purpose, six of our IMPACT girls (high school students) recently decided to put Pathway’s SERVE value into practice. On a rare Monday off of school, these young ladies spent their day delivering groceries to elderly folks in our community. Most of these shut-ins welcomed their visitors, and they were more than happy to invite the girls inside for a chat. The girls especially enjoyed their time with Susie, a woman who was very enthusiastic for visitors and did quite a bit of talking! The girls were intent on listening to her, and before they left, they were able to sing and pray with Susie. And, when they heard she had an upcoming surgery, the girls pitched in to get her a basket full of shower gels—something she loves—as a homecoming surprise.

This is just one example of who we are as a church. This is BEYOND.

At its heart, BEYOND is who we’ve always been. And more importantly, it’s who we want to be.

A church who equips our people.

A church who reaches out to the world around us.

A church who continues to build on the amazing platform God has given us to be a prevailing force of healing and hope.

God has a plan for this generation of Christ-followers, and we can’t wait to see what He does through each of you and through this local church.

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