Pathway Partners with Better World Books to Bring Books to the Community

This summer, Pathway was privileged to partner with Better World Books, at Kid Fest. A yearly activity held at the IPFW campus, as part of the Three Rivers Festival, Kid Fest sees over 10,000 children in the community. Volunteers spent the two days of the festival passing out 4,000 free books to children in the community. Children were able to step up to the booth and pick from a huge selection of books geared toward specific age ranges, and take one home.

It's great to see children encouraged and excited about getting a free book! We were surprised by the selection. Something for my youngest and my oldest child! Proud to know my church was involved.

In the past, Pathway has worked with Better World Books to bring an additional 4,000 free books to children at Southwick Elementary School. An under privileged elementary school in the community, that Pathway is committed to supporting through various events each year.

Beyond allows more opportunity to reach into the heart of our community. To build relationships outside of our walls, and draw more people in, with the great news of Jesus Christ.