Pathway LIVE! Hits New Milestone.

On January 30 & 31, we reached a new milestone in our viewership at Between all three of our live-streaming internet services, we had nearly 600 people tune in and worship with us online. That's in addition to the 3,200+ (infant through adult) who were with us at our main Carroll Road campus!

With a growing audience on the World Wide Web, we're excited to see geographical borders come down as we share the life-changing message of a full life found only in Jesus Christ. Our desire is to leverage technology so that even more can connect here, near, and far. Our online campus is one key way in which we're reflecting Christ as a prevailing force of hope and healing in our community, and beyond.

If you're ever stuck at home, or away from home, you can catch the Pathway LIVE! services at 5pm on Saturdays, 9 & 11am on Sundays at You can also catch last weekend's service playing on demand all week long. 

Questions about the online services? Contact Eric Dunaway, Communications Pastor, at; Scott Amstutz, Technical Director, at