New Life Starter Kits Equip Hundreds at PCC

Our mission at Pathway is to lead people into a full life found in Jesus Christ. We know that a full life though, begins with new life. That’s why we’ve created a New Life Starter Kit, that we make available for people to pick up each week. It introduces them to who Jesus is, what he’s done for them, and how they can begin to follow him. It also provides them with information about some of the next steps we’ve created to help people move from new life in Christ, to a full life in him. Since we began making these available at our Christmas services in 2015, we’ve given out more than 400 to people who are interested in discovering more or in taking their next steps. This is a huge win - and something we celebrate as a church.

This represents one of the ways that God continues to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think. Beyond allows us the opportunity to equip those who have found a new life in Christ, with their next step toward a full life.  

New Life Starter Kits can be picked up at the guest services kiosk, before or after services throughout any weekend.