Join us in BEYOND

A little over a week ago, we jumped into our BEYOND series with a glimpse into the big challenge that was before Nehemiah. The broken-down walls of Jerusalem burdened his heart and drove him to his knees. This past weekend, we continued our journey into this remarkable story of faith and faithfulness with a look at how God uses our needs to draw us into deeper relationship with Him. As we walk through BEYOND in the weeks to come, Nehemiah’s example of leadership and persistence will continue to influence us. Just as Nehemiah carried out the challenge the Lord brought before him, we will wrestle through the current opportunities before our church.


Last weekend I began to unwrap the next steps for PCC and what BEYOND means to each and every one of us at Pathway. If PCC is your home church and you were not with us over the weekend, do all you can to engage in this message at or at this week.


Thank you for joining us in our BEYOND venture. This site will be your go-to place for all the latest info over the next couple of years. I hope you will check back often and subscribe to receive updates via email. In addition to progress updates and stories of life change, over the next 35 days we will be offering a brief daily prayer guide. I can’t overstate how much I desire your prayers, and I hope you will join me in praying for our church and for BEYOND.