Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beyond looking for $15 million above our current budget for 2016 and 2017?

No. The $15 million for Beyond is everything for 2016 and 2017 — all ministry funding, fixed expenses, and capital projects.

What increase are we truly asking for over through BEYOND?

Our giving over the most recent 12 month period is right at $4 million. We would expect that to increase some over the next two years — if we did nothing, we would expect about $8.5 million for operations through 2016 and 2017. Our top goal of $15 million through that period is $6.5 million more than that.

How are we doing so far?

As of August 31, 2016 — we project through comitments and trends in giving YTD that we will hit $12m at the end of 2017, which is 80% of our goal.

I know we’re optimistic and hopeful that we’ll hit our goal. But what happens if we don’t?

Regardless of whether or not we come in over or under our goal, the answer is the same: we are going to refer the results to the Board so they can evaluate how we should proceed. Once we have a decision from the Board, we will immediately report back to you.

What’s the timeline on our current debt payoff? 

We are managing and paying down our debt, and are committed to continuing this course of action.  Current debt is $3,020,000 (as of Fall of '15).  According to the amortization schedule the payoff time is 12 years.  We are managing and paying down our debt, and are committed to doing that. Our goal is then to build debt-free. We did not place any debt reduction into the amount for Beyond.  

What if I don’t feel comfortable with filling out a commitment card?  

Understand the card is more about a faith promise. It has a benefit for you and for the church. It allows you to plan your giving through December 2017. For Pathway, it gives us an indication of what we can anticipate receiving so we can properly plan our ministry priorities for 2016 and 2017. This card also gives you the means to complete a process through prayer and planning.  Use it as a guide for writing down the number you believe the Lord is calling you to give through Beyond.

What are the trigger points for the build?  

The building trigger will be half the building cost raised and positive trends.  We will not authorize the architects to begin construction drawings until half is in and we see positive trends for paying for the building as we are in construction.  

What’s the overall master plan? What’s next?  

Our first priority is the lobby, venue, classroom expansion, and field options.  The atrium will flow directly into the future phase of an auditorium.   

What about offices? 

That is certainly a part of the future master plan.

When does One Fund begin? 

Giving to the Beyond One Fund initiative begins in December 2015 and runs for 24 months.