Equip People to Pursue Full Life in Christ

Staying in step with God's provision to move from 700 to 2,000 people equipped weekly at Pathway

God's vision is for each of us to connect in, grow up, and go out. Our mission is not only to invite people into new life in Christ, but to lead them into FULL life in Christ. 

Pathway has been uniquely positioned to reach a wide range of people in different stages of relationship with Christ. We have the opportunity to reach those who need new life in Christ, and we have the opportunity to grow them up into full life in Christ. We are part of a church where people come to know Christ for the first time almost every week—whether in our weekend worship services, KidCity or student environments, or our weekday groups and ministries. This is truly unusual, and something we never want to take for granted!

Currently, we are able to embrace 3,000 people every weekend, and equip over 700 adults through our weekday ministries. As more and more people come to Pathway in search of full life, our weekday spaces are running out of room. Adult classes, support groups, Bible studies, and student ministry spaces are limited. Yet, we know these opportunities are vital to full life in Christ. With expansion, we could equip upward of 2,000 adults (almost three times our current capacity) at PCC per week. That's huge! 

The Beyond Vision includes additional adult classroom space and expanded lobby space with meeting rooms that allows us to equip more on a weekly basis.