Empower the Next Generation

Staying in step with God's provision to move from 1,050 to 1,700 children and youth empowered weekly at Pathway

BEYOND is about what we can do now—to embrace the people around us and to equip people to pursue full life in Christ—but it's also about what we can do for the future. We have the opportunity to influence the upcoming generation, so they could one day say, "Our joy in Christ is because of you!" (1 Thessalonians 3:9, NIV).

Our heart for the next generation has prompted us to look at our current space and opportunities and ask ourselves, what can we do to impact these students and kids for Christ?

The first step is obvious—make room!

  • Our high school and middle school students currently take over the entire building on Wednesdays. Not only are they overflowing out of the space used for large-group time, but the classrooms are maxed-out during small-group time. 
  • Men's and Women's Bible studies on Wednesdays nights have experienced this squeeze alongside our students. 
  • KidCity can accomodate 180 children in a weekend worship service, and routinely see 175 kids in our busiest services. 

Added classroom space will allow us to serve an additional 650 kids and students on the weekends and throughout the week (an increase from 1050 children and youth to 1700), as well as their families. These additional spaces are so necessary to where we are right now, and are laying the foundation for this up-and-coming generation.