Embrace Those Around Us

Staying in step with God's provision to move from 3,000 to 6,000 people embraced every weekend at Pathway.

In Nehemiah’s day, the wall around Jerusalem was a blessing from God to His people. It was His provision for their protection and hope. As we think about our own walls here at Pathway, we believe we can use our physical space to embrace our neighbors and offer them the hope and refuge found in Christ. We believe God has placed us in this location at this time to reach this fast-growing community. It’s a huge opportunity!

We see the need to expand our building and campus. We are running at around 86% of our weekend capacity. Across the church world, it’s recognized that at 80% capacity, people begin to turn away. They can’t easily find parking spots or seats, and church feels too crowded and overwhelming. If we choose to do nothing, people will turn away from PCC and miss out on an opportunity to hear the message of the Gospel.

Through the addition of expanded venue space, the Beyond vision provides additional space that allows us to embrace more around us.